Donating or Recycling Your
Old Computer Equipment

The information below is provided for our Members' convenience and should
not be considered an endorsement or recommendation of any of the services.

SCSCC Hardware SIG

The SCSCC Hardware SIG accepts donations of working computer equipment in good condition and not obsolete.  Some donated equipment is disassembled for spare parts that can be used at the Tuesday Hardware Repair Lab sessions. Other equipment is made available to members and residents in need and to worthy charities.

If your proposed donation does not meet the above criteria, please take it to one of the locations below.

Chuck Wolff and Chuck Hagen


Blind Center of Nevada

The Blind Center of Nevada provides recycling services for electronic equipment.
You can drop off equipment Monday thru Friday 8AM to 2PM

Check out their web site below for details.
Note - they now charge a $10 fee for accepting old CRT monitors.

1001 N. Bruce Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101


Recycle Your Old Gear at Goodwill

Electronics are popular Christmas gifts. After all, who wouldn't want a new computer or television? But there's a problem with getting new gear. You need to dispose of the old stuff.  You can't just put electronics in the trash. They contain compounds that are bad for the environment. Besides, tossing them may be illegal in some areas.  So, make sure the old gear is handled correctly. Your best bet is to donate it to a charity. Or, you can take it to be recycled.

Used to be, you had to pay to recycle computer gear. Fortunately, things are changing. If you want to get rid of old gear, head over to Reconnect's website (hyperlink is below). Reconnect is a partnership between Dell and Goodwill.  Goodwill will accept virtually any type of computer gear. Even CRTs with broken glass are welcome! If the equipment can be reused, it will be. If not, it will be recycled responsibly.

The website will help you find a drop-off location. It also covers what items are acceptable. Check the list before hauling in your stuff.  Of course, you'll get a receipt for tax purposes. So, you may want to look into recycling your equipment before year's end.   Click on:


Sell Your Used Small Electronics at DigiCircle

DigiCircle is a web site that buys and sells used electronic equipment.  It is a simple process.  You identify your items on their web site, get their bid price.   If you agree to sell, you print out a shipping label, box the items, attach the label and DigiCircle pays the postage.

They advise you by email when they receive your package, and when they confirm that you have sent the items you agreed to sell.  Finally they advise you that your check is on the way.


Recycle Used Batteries

Batteries Plus - Las Vegas Locations