Receiving Computer Club Announcements

'How to' Subscribe to the Club's News Line

You may follow these general instructions in order to subscribe to any of the Club's Yahoo Groups.

In order to receive Club announcements, you will want to subscribe to the SCSCC_News Yahoo! Group.

  1. If using a client-based e-mail program, click the following hyperlink:
    Your PC's or Mac's e-mail client program will open with a pre-addressed blank email message.

  2. If using a web-based e-mail system, copy the following hyperlink to the TO: field of a new, empty e-mail message

  3. Either way, all you need to do is to SEND this blank message.

You will receive back a message from Yahoo Groups asking you to confirm that you want to join this group. Then, once your current SCSCC member status is verified by the Moderator of the SCSCC_News group, you will receive two more email messages: one message notifying you that your request has been approved; another that you are subscribed.  Be sure to follow the instructions to Reply on these messages.

It is important to note that the email address that you supplied on your application to join the Club is the address you MUST use to join the SCSCC_News group.  If in the future you change your email address, it is imperative that you notify the Membership Chair, so that the Club's database can be updated.

Once you become a member of SCSCC_News, you will automatically receive email messages as they are posted to the group.  If you don't check your email very often you might find a large number of messages in your inbox when you DO launch your email program.

If your request to join this group is denied, then contact the Computer Club's Membership Chair to be sure that the Club has your current email address.