'How to' Install Adobe Reader 9.0

To open a PDF file, you need Adobe Reader, a FREE program that you can download from the Adobe.com web-site. To see if Adobe Reader 9.0 is installed on your computer, click Start on the taskbar. On the Start Menu, move your mouse pointer to Programs. If you find the Adobe Reader 9.0 icon, then the current version of Adobe Reader is installed on your computer.

For best results, we advise you to uninstall any earlier version before upgrading to the latest one.

This 'how to' will take you step-by-step through the process of installing Adobe Reader 9.0.

In these instructions, click refers to a left-click and double-click refers to a double left-click.

  1. Connect to the Internet through your Web browser.

  2. Now click this "Get Adobe Reader" button: Get Adobe Reader .

  3. The Adobe Reader Web page opens. Scroll down the page, and you will see the three steps for downloading Adobe Reader. In Step 1, you select an Adobe Reader version by filling in the Platform: box. Step 2, is optional. Step 3 is the download step. Click Download.

  4. The File Download dialog box opens. Click Save.

  5. The Save As dialog box opens. Click the down-arrow at the end of the Save in: box. A drop-down menu appears. Click Desktop, and that location will now be displayed in the Save in: box. (Note: You do not need to change anything that appears in the File name: box or the Save as type: box.)

  6. Click the Save button in the lower right-hand corner of the Save As dialog box. The Adobe Reader Installation program will now download to your Desktop.

  7. The Download complete window opens; click Close. (Depending on your settings, this step may happen automatically.)

  8. Close the Adobe Web page.

  9. The Adobe Reader Installation file's icon (AdbeRdr90_en_US.exe) appears on your Desktop. Double-check for viruses. Right-click the icon. A context menu appears. Depending on your anti-virus program, click Scan with AVG (AVG,) Scan with Norton AntiVirus (Norton) or click Scan for Viruses (McAfee).

  10. When the virus scan completes, click OK.

  11. At this time, be sure to close any programs you may have opened. [Note: For the Adobe Reader program installation, this simply means that there should be no open programs in your taskbar. It is not necessary to open the Close Program dialog box and End Task on all running programs.]

  12. Now double-click the Adobe Reader Installation icon (AdbeRdr90_en_US.exe) and the program installation will begin. The Adobe Reader Setup window opens. If you are certain that there are no open programs in your taskbar, click Next. If you are uncertain, follow the instructions in the Adobe Reader Setup window.

  13. The Choose Destination Location window opens. Accept the location of the program installation, click Next.

  14. The Setup Complete window opens; click Finish.

  15. The Adobe Reader program is now installed on your computer. [Click Start on the taskbar. On the Start Menu, move your mouse pointer to Programs. On the Programs menu, you will see the Adobe Reader 9.0 icon.]

  16. Delete the Adobe Reader Installation icon (AdbeRdr90_en_US.exe); right-click on the icon and then click Delete. The Confirm File Delete window opens; click YES. (You are deleting only the installation program, which you no longer need, since Adobe Reader is now installed on your computer.)

  17. The installation program placed a shortcut to Adobe Reader on your Desktop. Since you open a PDF file by double-clicking the file, you do not need this shortcut icon. Right-click on the Adobe Reader shortcut icon. A context menu appears; click Delete. The Confirm File Delete window opens; click YES.