'How to' Subscribe to the Club's HelpingHandsOnline
Support Forum

by Dick Kling

I encourage all of our members to join the Club's Yahoo Group helpinghandsonline. You don't have to have a vast knowledge of computers to be a member of this group. Our mission is to help each other with computer problems. As a member you don't have to be an active participant. If you have a solution to someone's call for help, that's great. However, you can choose to remain in the background and eavesdrop - that's called lurking. You'd be surprised how much information you can gather by just lurking.

After reading the following instructions, if you are still unsure as how to sign up, contact Sharon Cline - 869-0338 or Dick Kling - 242-5557 and one of them will help you through the process.

If you are not a member already and would like to join, do the following:

  1. If using a client-based e-mail program, click the following hyperlink:
    Your PC's or Mac's e-mail client program will open with a pre-addressed blank email message.

  2. If using a web-based e-mail system, copy the following hyperlink to the TO: field of a new, empty e-mail message

  3. Either way, all you need to do is to SEND this blank message.

This message is then sent to Yahoo Groups which in turn sends an email to you asking that you reply confirming that you indeed wanted to join the group. Upon receiving your confirmation, your request to join is then sent to the HelpingHandsOnline Administrator. The Administrator then checks the email address you have submitted via your message to ensure that you are a current member of the Computer Club. Upon verification, the request is approved. You will receive two more email messages. One will notify you that your request has been approved; the second will simply say that you are subscribed to:


It is important to note that the email address that you indicated on your application to join the Club is the address you MUST use to join the helpinghandsonline group. If in the future you change your email address, it is imperative that you notify the Membership Chair, so that the Club's database can be updated.

Once you become a member, you will automatically receive email messages as they are posted to the group. If you don't check your email very often you might find a large number of messages in your inbox when you do launch your email program. You can determine how you receive messages using the following procedure.

You will need a Yahoo ID & password to sign in to the HelpingHandsOnline web site.

After signing in to the HelpingHandsOnline web site you will find a Edit Membership link on the upper left hand side. Left-click on it and on the page that opens you can select the type of delivery you prefer. To make a selection scroll down a bit and you'll see a heading titled Message Delivery. There are four types and each has a short explanation next to it. Left click the radio button next to the one you prefer.

The next heading is Message Preference. There are two choices listed "Fully Featured" & "Traditional" and above these choices is a hyperlink titled (See samples). Left click on the link to see an explanation of each type then close that window and left click the radio button next to format you prefer.

When you have finished making your choices left-click on the button labeled Save Changes. That's all there is to it. If you ever change your mind on the selections you've made, just click on the Edit Membership link and make any necessary adjustments. And don't forget, you can use this procedure to change it to Read only on the Web when you leave town for an extended period of time.