Keeping Up To Date With Club Activities

The Gigabyte Gazette, which you can access from any computer at: is our monthly newsletter - chock full of valuable information about Club activities and computer-related subjects. By reading the Gigabyte Gazette you can find out about all the Classes, Seminars, Special Interest Groups and Kaffe Klatches scheduled each month. Additionally, we have monthly tips and a series of articles about digital cameras, written and supported by Club members.

If you don't have your own computer, you're invited to view the Gigabyte Gazette on one of the Club's computers in the Lab, during Open Lab times (which are shown on the Lab Calendar). It's easy to print out any content of special interest to you: (1) go to the Menu bar and click File/Print; (2) in the "Page range" box on the left choose the appropriate amount of area you want to print (either "Current page" for a full page, or "Selection" if you've highlighted an area less than one page), (3) click "OK".

Activities for the Week are shown on the home page of our website.

Club News Announcements are sent by e-mail via our SCSCC_News Yahoo! group, as need arises. There's a link to instructions for receiving these occasional e-mails on the "About SCSCC" page..

Our HelpingHandsOnline Support Forum, via e-mail, is a great resource for helping each other with computer problems. You can e-mail your question and await replies from knowledgeable members, or you can choose not to be an active participant. If you can post a solution to someone's request for help, that's great. However, if you just want to lurk and learn, you can do that also. Instructions for gaining access to the HelpingHandsOnline Support Forum are published in the Gigabyte Gazette -- go to the Table of Contents for a link to the details.

Updated 02/28/2015