'How to' Download Handouts from the Internet

The following is a step-by-step 'how to' for downloading a file. When you are downloading, you are transferring a file from another computer to your own computer.

A file from the "smnr" web page is used here as an example of how to download to your Desktop. This 'how to' applies to all files downloaded from any of the Club's Web sites. You can choose to download files to places other than the Desktop.

SCSCC handout files are in PDF format. In order to view a PDF file, you need a program called Adobe Reader. A step-by-step 'how to' for installing Adobe Reader are elsewhere in this About SCSCC section.

In these instructions, click refers to a left-click and double-click refers to a double left-click.

  1. Connect to the Internet through your web browser. In the Address, Location or AOL box, type: http://www.scscc.club/smnr Then, press the <Enter> key on your keyboard.

  2. On the "smnr" web page, move your mouse pointer to the title of the file that you want to download. The mouse pointer changes into a hand. For Internet Explorer or AOL, right-click the title of the file. A context menu appears. From the context menu, click Save Target As. The Save As dialog box opens.

  3. In the Save in: box, display the location where you want to download the file. To do this, click the down-arrow at the end of the Save in: box. A drop-down menu appears. Click Desktop and that location will now be displayed in the Save in: box. (Note: You do not need to change anything that appears in the File name: box or the Save as type: box.)

  4. Click the Save button in the lower right-hand corner of the Save As dialog box. The selected file will now download to your Desktop.

  5. The Download complete window opens; click Close. (Depending on your settings, this step may happen automatically.)

  6. If you have no other files to download, close the web browser.

  7. The downloaded file appears on your Desktop. Before you open the file, double-check for viruses. Right click the file you wish to check, the click on the "Scan with ...<your antivirus>" option.  <your antivirus>  may be AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton, etc.

  8. When the virus scan completes, click OK.

  9. Double-click the downloaded icon on your Desktop and the file will open.

This procedure can be used to download any files from any Internet Web site.